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A new version of the Chiasmatron 2000 is expected to be released in November, 2017. It will have many more features - including a robust collaboration system - and a reduced pricing model.

Access to the Chiasmatron 2000 is available on the basis of tiered levels, with sets of features offered for specific lengths of term. Pricing begins as low as $20/month. (12 months of Tier 1 access)

If you are instructing a class and would like to discuss academic pricing, contact us at:

Features:Free TrialTier 1Tier 2Tier 3Tier 4
Lines/Levels:unlimited 12/115/220/4unlimited 
Number of Projects:22510unlimited 
Cloning:XXXYes Yes 
Publications * :13457

Explanation of Features

Lines / Levels:

If your interest is entirely in smaller scale projects, a 12 line and single level limit will accommodate a chaism of the form, A B C D E F x F′ E′ D′ C′ B′ A′ or parallelisms like A B C D E F   A′ B′ C′ D′ E′ F′, and, A B A′ B′  C D C′ D′  E F E′ F′. If your projects are more ambitious in scale, where this robust utility really shines, you can upgrade your account to extend your reach to an unlimited number of lines and levels that will accommodate your most ambitious projects.

Number of Projects:

You can use a single project to work on as many passages as you want, one at a time, which means replacing your existing entries with new content. If you want to retain multiple projects in the system for ready access toward further development, this is a great benefit.


The ability to clone (duplicate) a project can be a real time saver. If you have more than one version of the same passage that you'd like to work on as separate projects, you can manually enter the first and with a single click, generate an exact copy.

Suppose you're deep into a complex or challenging passage and get an insight about how some alternate direction is worth exploring. Instead of making extensive notes or publishing it to save the version for later reference, just clone it to create a duplicate project. You can take each version in a different direction!

This is useful for archiving versions at key stages of progress. Clone the project, give it a fitting title and even log your insights and thoughts about direction in the project's description. It will be there when you're ready to pick it up again later. The bigger the scale of the project, the more benefit!

Publication Packages

A: 10 pubs for $50 ($5/)
B: 20 pubs for $80 ($4/)
C: 30 pubs for $90 ($3/)


If you want to use the Chiasmatron 2000 to produce interactive displays for your website or blog, the code can be generated with a single click. The pages generated with the publishing feature expose the code that allows these displays to be presented elsewhere, completely independent of the database used to develop it. Once published and the code is saved as an html page, It can be distributed like any other html page, as many times and in as many places as you want. The supporting files for your presentations may be hosted on your own site or even another, and may even be customized according to your own preferences. Each time you publish a project, your account's balance is decremented, and since this is a valuable feature you'll want to make each one count.

Publishing events are included with each account. There's one included with the free trial. With purchased accounts, the rates shown in the table of Features apply. For example, a Tier 2 account comes with 3/month, so a 6 month term includes 18 (3*6) publishing events. Additional “publications” may be purchased separately.

Contact us at today at to get started. (Note, we honor the seventh day by resting from our commercial enterprise. We're in Pennsylvania, USA, so you may expect some delay in response during these seasons. )

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