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Team Collaboration Features

We support the community with an offering of features that facilitate collaborative efforts, including academic situations where instructors work with students in class participation scenarios - whether the class is meeting in the same facility or the students are remote.

Collaboration features are offered to encourage the pooling of our individual insights, experience and effort.

The projects of individual users are private, but when a user is a member of a Collaboration Team, they can choose to assign any of their projects to a Team. It is then available for every member to view and have an opportunity to edit.

To minimize the risk of having one team member overwrite the changes being made by another, the system automatically monitors and protects it. Members of the team who may be monitoring the project will see the “locked” status in their listing of team projects and also in the project's display, where the lock status is frequently updated to keep those who may be viewing that screen apprised of the status.

A team may have open membership or it may be restricted to provide the benefits of a closed community, as for a teacher and their classes of students. The purpose may be for the development and promotion of thematic structures or of other kinds of enhanced presentations useful for teaching biblical languages or other linguistic studies.

There are generally no fees associated with team projects but some academic contexts may require special consideration of the pricing model in the big picture of their needs, special term periods, expanded publication packaging, expanded cloning and distribution options, etc.

To explore the range of currently active Teams and learn more about them, open a Trial account, login, and visit the Teams page. If you would like to start a new Team (or class), contact Bob and Aaron at and make your request.

The Admin's ability to update a Team project is subject to the limits of their current Tier level. Team Membership is for those who have a Tier level account, and any Tier level will do.

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