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Alternative Uses

The Chiasmatron 2000 was designed for the presentation of thematic structure but it has been found to lend itself to a wide range of additional applications.

This versatile utility can be used as a powerful aid in teaching and presenting various aspects of biblical languages, grammar, discourse analysis, and text linguistics, with a range of stylistic presentation options including a diverse color palette, text decoration, indenting, grouping and layout options.

With no knowledge of HTML required, you can quickly and easily turn your static presentations into dynamic, and interactive versions that are far more engaging, where you can highlight single elements or sets of elements as you refer to them in your lecture to help your audience identify the focus of attention.

“Team Collaboration” features offer exciting possibilities for enhancing class work, in classroom environments where the meeting is local or virtual, even entirely online.

With the offering of robust “cloning” and distribution features, teachers can make assignments, present lab work and give tests that require starting each student out with their own copy of a project.

The following two examples are offered to inspire you with you could do (or your aides could be tasked with), in the conversion of your existing static content.

The first example illustrates how a Greek teacher could use the Chiasmatron 2000 to present the text from Ephesians 2:3 in order to demonstrate the use of an "Adverbial Participle of Result." Imagine walking the students through the process of correctly translating the verse, identifying both the participle and main verb, deciding which type of participle is being used, and finally putting it all together to examine the structure of the verse and contemplating how their decision impacts the translation and exegesis of the text.

Companion bar and line highlighting, side-by-side display formats, color-coded text, and HTML have been used to create a visually pleasing and effective presentation. These options are especially helpful in identifying the desired parts of speech both in the original Greek and the corresponding English. Utilizing the color-coded text to identify the main verb and participle helps to quickly recognize both parts of speech and provides consistency throughout the project. The main verb, ἀνεστράφημέν, is written in blue and the participle, ποιοῦντες, in red.

The link to the (Strong's 390) and (Strong's 4160) in the structural breakdown in step 4 is just one example of how you can use HTML to personalize your presentation. You can also incorporate images, videos, and other links as well. The only limitation is your familiarity with the HTML language. The expansive “Help” page and tutorial videos provide extensive direction on how to enhance presentations and publish your completed projects.

The second example demonstrates how a Greek teacher could utilize the software to teach their class how to identify and classify an infinitive using the text of Ephesians 6:11.

While the examples on this page feature Greek, the Chiasmatron 2000 was designed to facilitate the presentation of many languages. We invite and encourage you to explore the myriad ways the Chiasmatron 2000 can be used in the exercise of your natural abilities and spiritual gifts, in service to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob.

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